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Who the hell is....
....you know the rest
Puppet Master 
12th-Feb-2010 07:01 pm
Moulin Rouge- Writer
Puppeteers and Puppet Masters
Strings fall slowly, dolls spin faster

Fall. Fall. Little Doll
Listen close to the one who calls.
He'll string you up and dress you, miss.
And when he's done, trap you with a kiss

You're trapped now, you poor poor thing
You listened to what he had to sing.
Drawn in by song and then thrown around
Transformed by him without a sound

Scream all you want, nobody will hear
Your voice is controlled, it's him that you fear
Your master is waiting, he's coming for you
Take you off the shelf, make you do what you do

Your arms grow limp and your legs get weak
The look in your eyes says that you cannot speak
He comes over you and carries you to the table
And struggle you try, but are not able.

Your skin becomes hard, your smile is plastered,
Your are now victim to the Puppet Master.
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